Computer Services

I provide a wide range of computer services for both business and home computer systems. Today's personal computers can be a challenge to use and configure, and can represent a significant security risk if they are infected with a virus or some type of spyware. These nasty programs can steal your online identity including user IDs, passwords, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and other personal information. Some of these trojan horses can sit in the background with no visible indication, and log every key press. Once the software obtains the information, it quickly sends it to an offshore web site, usually located in a country that has no laws or legal system to protect you from fraud. Stolen bank accounts can be emptied in a matter of seconds, and stolen credit card numbers can be used to purchase high-priced items before your bank is even notified.

Unlike the inexperienced seasonal technicians sent by the big box stores, I have over 30 years experience writing software for Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. I've designed and written antivirus software and software that prevents errant programs from being installed. I've written software that accesses the inner workings of the operating system, providing functionality that has been adopted by Microsoft and other software vendors. I've filed over software 80 patents and have an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the operating system. I can help remove these programs from your system, restoring it to the way it was when you first received it.

I install operating systems, migrate systems from Windows XP to Windows 7 and Windows 8, and install the proper security software that helps protect you from the bad guys. I install hard drives, communications adapters, wireless adapters, keyboards, mice, displays, sound cards and networking interfaces. I can often recover your valuable data in the case of a disk crash, and can fix just about any problem you might encounter.

I install wired and wireless networks in homes and small businesses, providing secure access to the Internet from laptops, iPads, tablets, and smartphones.

I install Windows servers and configure networks for small and mid-sized companies.

I supply personal computers, laptops, and tablets if you have specific needs. However, please don't contact me looking for the cheapest price on a laptop or dekstop machine, or to compare my price with something you saw in a circular from a big box store or online ad. Personal computers are a commodity item and the margins are razor thin. I can't compete with the big box stores or Internet sales. If you're looking for an end-to-end solution, however, that's where I can help.

I install patient management systems in medical offices with Lytec patient management and Meridian EMR. I can set them up to provide remote access through secure wireless or the Internet to allow remote billing. I can supply the entire system including hardware, software, and installation, and can maintain them for you, making sure they are up-to-date with the latest security patches and antivirus software.

I can often unlock a system when the password has been forgotten. This service is provided on a best-effort basis, and I make no guarantee that I'll be able to recover all of your data.

Contact me if you are interested in any of these services. If you need your system or systems picked up, please let me know and I will do my best to pick them up as soon as possible.