Debra Mastrianni's Quilt Gallery

Debra Mastrianni is an award-winning quilter and fabric designer who has won numerous awards for her exquisite quilting designs and creations. Debra also produces custom draperies and window treaments for homeowners and decorators that want to provide that special touch to a home's appearance. She also designs and produces Wimples, a fabric Torah binder usually given to the synagogue and used for a child's bar mitzvah or marriage. Her wimple work has been featured in newspapers magazines, and each wimple is custom sewn and embroidered with events in the life of the subject and become priceless family heirlooms. For information about Debra's work or to speak with her about quilting your quilt, click here.

Ain't Nothin' But a Houndstooth
Allison's Blue Blooming
All-Star Quilt
A Mystery Solved
A Noteworthy Arrangement
Another Mystery is Solved
Are the Stars Out Tonight
Are You Lone Star Tonight
Around the Whirled
Autumn Leaves
Batik Jewels
Bird in Paradise
Black & White Noise
Blitzkrieg II
Blue by You
Caitlin's Green Glory
Chess Piece-ing
Cotton Candies
Cracked Ice
Cutting Edge
Diamonds in the Rough
Don't Mess With Hexes
Fall Foliage
Fancy Footwork
Fiber Filled
Fire and Ice
Flower Power
Flutter by, Butterflies
Forever In Bloom
Garden Varieties
Grandma Tillie's Crochet
Happy Feet
Hearts Delight
Here Comes the Son
I Love Quilting!
I'm Just Wild About Flowers
I'm Puzzled
I'm Puzzled About Log Cabins
I'm Puzzled About Orchids
It's a Jungle Out There
Koi Story
Ladybug, Ladybug Fly Away Home
Making Waves
My Initial In-VEST-ment
My Millenium Garden
Mystery Quilt
My, What a Twisted Web I Wove
Nice Threads
Nuts & Bolts
Orchid Whirled
Owl Be Back
Paper Dolls to Call Your Own
Pastel Dream
Paws for a Cause
Rainbows and Sunshine
Rock Around The Quilt Tonight
Rosemary's Rainbow
Sand Painting
Something Fishy
Sonny Days
Sphere It Is
Sphere Madness
Starlight, Starbright
Star Spangled Runner
Stepping Lively
Stop Buggin Me
Strips and Strings
Summer Daydreams
Sunshine and Rainbows
The Write Stuff
Thimble Collecting
Thinking Equilaterally
Tickled Pink
Tropical Sunshine
Tumbling Snowflake
Up, Up, and Away!
Wave Theory
What's the Scoop?
Wish Upon a Star
You Beat the Level