Quilting Services

Debra Mastrianni is an award-winning quilter and fabric designer who has won numerous awards for her exquisite quilting designs and creations. She has over 20 years of experience in piecing, assembling, and quilting, and can create custom quilting patterns to give your quilt that personal touch. Her Gammill and Statler Stitcher can accommodate even the largest bed-size quilts.

Debra also produces custom draperies and window treaments for homeowners and decorators who want to provide that special personal touch to a home's appearance. She designs and produces Hebrew wimples, the fabric Torah binder used during a child's bar mitzvah or marriage and later given to the synagogue. Each wimple is unique and designed specifically for the recipient, custom sewn and embroidered with events in their life. Debra's wimples have been featured in newspapers and magazines. For information about Debra's work or to speak with her about having your own wimple made, click here.