steve_looking_10082008_gI’m a developer, architect, and technologist with an extensive background in software development, systems design, enterprise architecture, and product innovation. I’ve written software for everything from coin changers to enterprise systems, with an emphasis on real time operating systems, device drivers, memory management, and instrumentation. I’ve served as team leader, chief programmer, architect, director, and VP of engineering. I’ve managed people, projects, budgets, and customer expectations across a wide range of systems and services including mobile devices and applications, tablets, desktops and desktop applications, public and private clouds, speech to text and text to speech systems, large-scale analytics, RPAs, A.I., security, and big data.

I began repairing minicomputers, disk drives, and magnetic tape drives while studying electrical engineering. worked for several companies as a software engineer, eventually forming my own consulting company where I provided hardware and software development services to companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Boeing, Hamilton Standard, Grumman, Ford, General Motors, and Kodak. I joined Gerber Technology as a software engineer, eventually moving up the ranks to manager, director and VP of Engineering.

In 1989 I joined the IBM OS/2 development team in Boca Raton, Florida where I worked on OS/2, OS/2 Warp, and OS/2 device drivers. I worked with OEMs to get device support into OS/2. My device driver programming book became the authoritative text for anyone developing an OS/2 device driver.

When IBM abandoned OS/2 and closed down the Boca Raton site, I was invited to Austin, Texas but declined the offer.  I instead joined IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, NY where I worked on a variety of projects including mobile enterprise applications, private and public clouds, virtual desktop services, analytics, healthcare applications, mobile communications, security, business process transformation, and municipal traffic and energy systems. I led cross-divisional teams, and was a member of the future technology and intellectual property development teams.

After leaving IBM in 2013, I joined Cigna as IT Senior Principal and Director where I’m responsible for the development, architecture, and deployment of mobile and web applications, web servers, cloud systems, client-facing applications, security, compliance, and new product innovation.

In my copious spare time I install and maintain networks and software for physicians including patient management, EHR/EMR, and clinical decision systems including Allscripts Pro, Lytec, Lytec MD, AdvantX, Epic, and others.

I enjoy listening to and playing music from the first half of the 20th century. Some of the most memorable and enduring songs were written during that time period. I began taking piano and guitar lessons in an attempt to learn how to play a few songs. The lessons have not helped, but I’ve learned to enjoy listening to myself nonetheless.

Links to Publications (more articles, papers, and written material, including patents, can be found at Google Scholar.

Fun Stuff

I love being outdoors, exercising, and playing sports. I spend over an hour every day on the treadmill and working out in my home gym. I enjoy rock climbing, zip-lining, biking, and running. In 2010, I took up snowboarding. There’s nothing like getting out in the cold, brisk, New England air and falling down a lot.